Week 1 (May 2- 9): Connections

April 29, 2011

Post your “Connections” response here.


7 Responses to “Week 1 (May 2- 9): Connections”

  1. Rui Wong said

    Connection: After reading the first five paragraphs of the novel A long way gone, I had a text to text connection. As what I remember, I watched a movie which name is Sniper-Reloaded and the circumstance in the movie is a kind of similar with the situation in the book. In the novel the event happened in Africa and it talks about the fighting between rebels and the national legal government. Similarly, the story of the movie happened in Africa too and it also has a lot of rebels against to the government in the movie. Their behaviours were so brutal and violent in both of the situations. They caught the innocent civilians as hostages. Not only this, but also they caught teenagers and forced them to be trained to a killer machine. The civilians were desperate and hopeless because they could do nothing. When they confronted to the rebels, they were like a fly without its head. The only thing they could do was running away. These happened in the movie and the book. So that’s why I had this text to text connection.

    • Rui Wong said

      While reading the book, the movie scenes came up to my mind. It made the book be more impressive. I deeply understand how evil the rebels are because of my connection.(this is the explanation of how this connection helps to understand the text better. Sorry miss, i didn’t know we have to write the explanation in connection until you told us today.)

    • ryanjiang93 said

      After reading the point from Ray, I connect the African children solider to the Congo children solider. The children solider which in Congo only know how to fight. They do drugs, drinking while they do not fight. They do not have any hope of life. Mostly child will die before they turning into an adult. I think the boy which in the story in A Long Way Gone is a lucky boy because he can leave the area.

  2. seanjalen said

    After reading chapters 1-5 of the book A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, I was able to make a text-to-text connection. In the book it says that Ishmael and his friends are running away from the rebels so they won’t get killed. They were hiding in the forests, hiding in the bushes so they won’t be seen by the rebels. This circumstance is similar to a movie that I had watched (but I forgot the title of the movie) from the past. The soldiers in the movie are running away from the Vietcong. The soldiers were hiding in the forest because they were the only group that was alive. They were hiding until some of their college’s arrived. This is similar to Ishmael and his friends because they are also hiding but they don’t have any companions to help them. The two groups are both trying to escape from the rebels and survive. I understood what Ishmael and his friends are going through just like the soldiers in the movie that I have watched. In the movie, it shows how hard it was for the soldiers to survive. If someone makes mistakes, all of them will die. The visuals that I saw in the movie helped me to understand the circumstances Ishmael and his friends are going through when they were hiding from the rebels because they are both similar circumstances. This is the connection that I was able to make while reading chapters 1-5 of the book A Long Way Gone.

    • Rui Wong said

      Well, your comment made me visualize the situation of those kids in the book again. Your connection sounds like pretty strong related to the first five chapters of the book. From what you said, I thought more about the situation of those kids who were always hiding and escaping in the book. It sounds like a little bit incredible for me to say that, but I could really feel exactly what they felt. I could feel how hopeless and frustrated they were, and the things in front of their eyes were like so demoralizing. The only thing they could do was trying to stay in a safe place and find the right time to escape. It’s so hard and tiring for them. Your response really helped me explore more visualizing about their circumstance. Thanks, man!

    • timyim said

      while reading your comment, I could imagine soldiers hiding to avoid the rebels. I saw the movie similar as yours. In my movie children runaway from the aults because adults uses them to begging. So it was easier to understand what you are talking about.Also I have more clear image that children runaway from the rebel after rea your comment.your comment big helps me to imagine them thank you!

  3. timyim said

    After reading 5 chapters, I have text to text connection. At this book, the main character run away from the soldiers and found some foods from ruined village for survive in this situation. Sometimes he hides in the bushes and forests. Rebel shoots innocent people or forces them to their army. These facts remind me the book ‘Parvana’s journey’. At this book, children try to keep avoid the war and they used to find useful stuffs from the dead bodies or ruined village. Although I never experienced the war before, I could imagine that how they are hard to live in that situation and how it’s violence. So while reading ‘a long way gone’ it was easier to understand how this children were hard and how the war is violence. Also I have text to world connection. In chapter4 children were suffering from hunger and I experienced hunger like this. It was so hard to suffer it. I couldn’t sleep well and I couldn’t even think about anything. Therefore I connected with these children while reading chapter4.

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